Just Keeping On . . . to whom I write

I write to parents, to encourage them to keep on, because this parenting thing is hard and we never know what is going to come our way.

I write to new parents that are just starting this adventure, to encourage them to keep on through the sleepless nights and the long days and let go of guilt and just enjoy this time while their little ones are still little.

I write to the parents of children with chronic disorders, to encourage them to keep on fighting for their kiddos, to do what it takes, though the battle is long.

I write to the parents who have adopted their children, and daily fight the monsters of trauma and loss, to encourage them to keep on helping their children to heal and become whole.

I write to the foster parents who are ready to take in a child at a moment’s notice, those that give their love, time, money, and resources to help a child in need, to encourage them to keep on though the road is rough and uncertain.

I write to the host parents of international exchange students who take in teens from a different culture and show them love and give them a family while they are away from everything they have ever known, to keep on loving, learning, and teaching.

I write to the parents of teens in difficult places, who know the feeling of helplessness when their children make decisions that hurt and destroy, to keep on loving through the pain.

I write to the parents of large families, whether biological, adopted, foster, host, or a mixture of any of these, to keep on smiling through the chaos that their lives bring.

I write to share my story so that I might encourage others to keep on, because I’m on the journey too.


6 thoughts on “Just Keeping On . . . to whom I write

  1. I like this post. It’s very focused and make it clear what your blog is about. It’s such a great goal too. I can’t think of many worthier ways to spend our time on the planet that giving children a secure and loving start in life.

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    • Thank you! I am writing about my passion. Children are our future and they deserve love and security.
      True story- your blog post about riding in the car with your father-in-law was the last thing I read last night. Very funny. Was planning on commenting on it later today when I have a few minutes. I’m currently sitting in my car with 2 toddlers and an infant while my daughter is at a job interview.

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      • I’m very glad you liked my post. It sounds like you are having a busy time at the moment. My wife and I have two boys and that keeps us on our toes. I take my hat off to you for being a mother to quite a few more. I think you said “professional mother” on your blog and it sounds like you’ve definitely earned the title. Anyway, I really hope your daughter gets the job. 🙂

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  2. She got the job! And thanks again for your kind words. Two boys? I think I read somewhere that they are teens. Is that correct? Have you experienced the joy of driver’s training yet?


  3. I praise you for what you do for misguided children. I do have a lot to say about the ability and capability of the social services in my locality. I fought for over three years to get my daughter back. I went from -SS wanting to adopt my child to the SS is no longer our lives – no care order. Nada. I have a lot to say on this subject and I am not going to bang on about how social services is shit etc.. Parents sometimes do need to buck up there ideas and change how they do things -So many children get taking into care because of emotional neglect. This can be addressed early in a parent and child’s life. I also have to say a lot about their understanding of mental health and parenting. This is the kind of stuff I am working on in real life. I am thinking of doing a post on a few tips/pointers on how parents living away from their children for whatever reason can take back some control and have a voice that Social services and other multi disciplinary teams understand. I think before I do that I need to be ready to do a blog on what it was like having my child taken off me. love this blog of yours. So needed.


    • I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I can only imagine how painful that would be. Writing about it takes tremendous bravery, but these stories should be heard.
      I am not a fan of social services in my area either. So often, it seems they cause more harm than good. But I do know a lot of great social workers who go above and beyond and who make a difference in spite of the agency they work for. And it’s not just social services. I have found that the courts have so little understanding of mental illness and compounded trauma that they often exacerbate situations.


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